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3 most strangest and extreme Wi-Fi hotspots

3 most strangest and extreme Wi-Fi hotspots

As a leading wireless network solutions provider, we regularly bring the fastest and smartest Wi-Fi services to enterprise businesses - no matter the location.

Leveraging marketing leading wireless technology in partnership with industry leaders, we can install, commission, maintain and operate a large WiFi network to help businesses empower the mobile generation with exactly what they need.

We thought it would be fun to research some of the strangest places you can access Wi-Fi and have rated our top 3 places to connect:

Mount Everest

Year: 2010

Provider: Ncell

In 2010, Ncell - a Nepalese Telecommunications Company - set up the hotspot covering the peak of Everest.

How was it done:

  • Ncell provided the peak with 3G data in 2010
  • In June 2013, Huawei and China Mobile upgraded the existing Wi-Fi by deploying 4G LTE
  • The increase allows for high-speed internet connects, HD video calling and Mount Everest selfies on social media.

North Pole

Year: 2005

Provider: Intel employees

In 2005, a pair of Intel employees set up a WiFi hotspot in one of the coldest and most remote places in the world. This was the first wireless connection in the Arctic region.

How it was done:

  • A 802.11b/g access point was installed at the main camp site.
  • A WLAN (wireless local area network) connect was set up.
  • The network connects to the internet via satellite.

Oak Grove Cemetery

Visit your departed loved ones and tweet the experience.

Oak Grove Cemetery in Paducah, Kentucky have set up the Wi-Fi in the cemetery for visitors to do genealogical research on their loved ones or famous people.

Do you have a challenging spot for Wi-Fi? No matter how remote your location, we can give you a high-speed and reliable wireless infrastructure you can rely on.

Challenge our team by getting in touch or find the right package for you based on your business needs.

Alison Stewart

With 10+ years specialising in the provision of outstanding customer service through tailored wireless network solutions, Alison is well placed to deliver the type of service that our clients demand. She is committed to building and improving Wow WiFi's operations to ensure we deliver on time and on budget.

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